Dolciumi e drutta secca Onorati  
Dolciumi e drutta secca Onorati

Historical store of Rome n° 758 of Patrizia Onorati

The store “Sweets and Dry fruit by Onorati since 1937", is a real institution in the field of sweets and candies. Last july the store received from the municipality of Rome the "historical store" certificate.

This shop was born in the second half of the thirties (30's) as a colonial store, it was initially one of the few places in Rome where you could purchase bananas. In the course of the years, this sales point became specialized in the sales of sweets: chocolate, liquorice, dry and candied fruits.

Luca, a customer of this store when he was a child, has few years ago taken over this business together with his wife, Patrizia. Because of his childhood memories, Luca did not modify its original features - as far as it concerns the furnishing, the quality of the products chosen, and the exclusivity of the ingredients, nothing has changed.

Lovers of chocolate and not only will have a way to delight their palates here. It is enough to think that Luca and Patrizia offer delights which is not possible to resist, like praline, assorted dragee of the best brands, and for the most nostalgic, for the most famous "tears of love", assorted fruit candy, filtered by hand, one by one that will satisfy the most demanding palates.


  • Chocolate Domori
  • Chocolate Gobino
  • Chocolate Di Modica
  • Cioccolato Amedei
  • Venchi
  • Dragees
  • Assorted Bonbons
  • Candied fruit
  • Liquorice
  • Chocolate & praline
  • Cioccolateria



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